A newsletter is produced at least once each half term, and this is mail emailed to parents (hardcopies are always available at pre-school), and a copy is placed on the pre-school notice board. Update notes during the term are sent home with the child. Posters are displayed in the entrance to pre-school, around the village (should it be for a community event) and beside the signing on sheets. We display any new policies, reports or funding information on the board for parents to read, a copy of all the policies is available each morning in the foyer. We send out a questionnaire annually for parents to complete. We hold Open Mornings for current parents to attend and for parents of children due to start the Pre-school.

At the end of each session, a note of the session activities is written on the whiteboard placed just inside the pre-school. Staff and key workers are available to discuss child information with parents, there is a private room available if the parent or staff wishes to discuss confidential information. Parents are encouraged to add their child’s interest and anything that they have enjoyed onto the photo board in the foyer for us to incorporate into the weekly planning.