Opening Times

We open during term times only and we follow the same term times as Mrs Ethelston’s primary school.


2023-2024 Term Dates

2024-2025 Term Dates

Session Timings:

Monday: 9am – 12noon   Lunch Club: 12noon – 1pm  Afternoon Session: 1pm – 3.30pm
9am – 12noon   Lunch Club: 12noon – 1.30pm
9am – 12noon   Lunch Club: 12noon – 1pm
9am – 12noon   Lunch Club: 12noon – 1.30pm

We try to accommodate preferences usually offering 2 sessions a week initially. Requests for additional sessions should be made to the Administrator at the earliest opportunity to avoid disappointment and to allow the group to plan the best use of resources.

We also run a Toddler Group on Tuesday afternoon between 1:45pm and 3:15pm where parents and children meet, chat and play to get to know each other and the surroundings. We welcome visits to sessions in the ½ term before starting but parents must stay with their child, Please speak to the Administrator to arrange a visit. We also hope that in due course our new parents will join in the several social and fund-raising events we organise and join the Committee to enable them to be fully involved in their child’s Pre-School education.

We hope that your child’s time in Pre-School will be very happy and productive. If you have any queries, or if we can be of any help, please contact the Administrator, Playleader or Chairperson.

Alison Waters
07960 088410


Charlotte Matthews & Janice Fowler

Pre-school Phone

07761 143882 or 01297 445087 (during pre-school hours only)